Catriona O'Donnell
Filmmaker and Animator

“Gabriel worked on our animated short documentary to produce a beautifully composed soundtrack to accompany a narration. Through his understanding of the scripting & our suggestions on the type of audio we had imagined, he shared a list of reference pieces for us to discuss. From this, he created a charming score telling the story in time with the visuals, in half the time we had expected it. His love for what he does really shines in his work, I would recommend him with confidence!”

Lisa-Mae Evans
Look Development Artist and Animator

“Gabriel has scored multiple short films that I have worked on and, regardless of style, has produced work which is vibrant, characterful and refined. Gabriel is a real joy to work with and is great at both understanding, innovating and executing your creative brief. He communicates with great professionalism and always goes above and beyond the brief to bring you something truly unique and special. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any project!”

Amy Wright

“It was absolutely amazing to work with Gabriel from start to finish! He remained incredibly professional and understanding throughout even when I was unresponsive to messages. Genius composer and awesome dude in general – the work speaks for itself, really. Can’t wait to work with Gabriel again, thanks so much!!”​

Devon Short
Animator and Illustrator

“This collaboration was really lovely. He understood exactly what kind of mood I wanted to portray and added his own little flourishes to bring out the personality of each character. Would love to work together again!”​

Glen Harris

“A pleasure to work with, very quick turnaround and accurate to the brief given. Hope to collaborate again soon”

Kieran Cochrane Whalley

“I met Gabriel Ness at the Aesthetica Film Festival in York during my first year of university as a film major. We traded details in promise of potential future collaboration, as one is meant to do at these events–networking. These things rarely come to fruition, but in this case, Gabriel and I ended up working together on the first film I did for uni. I needed a score for thing, but couldn’t find a piece of music that really fit it well until Gabriel did the score for it. He found a way to emphasize the darkness and insanity of the characters, the sounds of the music mingling with the background track as it built up in intensity for the climax. It was a great experience working with him, and I learnt a lot about the importance of the score in relation to those moving images after the film was done and it was time to move on to something else.”