Stupid Question - Animated Short (2020)

“Itchy bones, Carl Sagan and apple pie are all discussed in a conversation that really didn’t need to happen…”

A Film by Cameron Cook.
© 2020 Gabriel Ness Music

Hunny - 3D Animated Short (2020)

“Hunny Whiskey, better together”

A Film by Mia Berman-Levy, Dominik Nankivell, Chloe Roberts and Adrian Teoh.
© 2020 Gabriel Ness Music

Impresario - Animated Short (2020)

“An old, retired Impresario gives his granddaughter a magical tour of the old theatre”

A Film by Devon Short
© Copyright 2020 Pretty Decent Music Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.

Multiply - Animated Short (2019)

“Disaster strikes an unusual city”

A Film by Amy Wright, Sam Mowforth and Will Medcalf
Judges Selection University of Hertfordshire Expose 2019, Finalist Rookies 2019, Official Selection Kaboom Animation Festival 2019
© 2019 Gabriel Ness Music

Fallow - VFX Short (2019)

A Film by Daniel Ravanelli, Elliott Holland-Crouch, Emily Shordon, Harry Mccusker-Bland

Best VFX Film University of Hertfordshire Expose 2019
© 2019 Gabriel Ness Music


“Insight into how technology is shaping our modern society. The lives of three people are changed forever in this psychological, science fiction film”

Written, Directed and Produced by Gbenga Saka
Music Composed by Gabriel Ness and Isaac Faraz-Chandler
© 2018 Gabriel Ness Music


“A short stop motion documentary about the outstanding mission of Opportunity the Mars Rover, highlighting her achievements, findings, and her inevitable death”

Directed by Catriona O’Donnell
Special Mention London seasonal short film festival 2019
© 2019 Gabriel Ness Music


“‘Wings’ is the story of a baby fruit bat who loses confidence in her own appearance after seeing the beautiful wings of a butterfly”

A Film by The Wings Team
Best Animated Short Film University of Hertfordshire Expose 2019
© 2019 Gabriel Ness Music


“A story of a lone gunslinger who finds himself in a western standoff with a stallion”

A Film by The Wild Roots Team
Judges Selection at the University of Hertfordshire Expose 2018
© 2018 Gabriel Ness Music